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analytics and reporting We Accurately Track Your Online Performance and Report You as It is Get Proposal

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & reporting empowers the company to stream in and compose their information to pick up drive better decision making and policy enforcement. This drives improved asset use and productivity, better scope quantification, and more noteworthy arrangement of assets to mission targets.

“ We always  believe transparency in collaborative work leads to highly productive results ”

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Why KVN Promos Prefer  Google Analytics?

We are no exceptions here, as we find it is much useful and powerful tool for every website created.

We provide real-time tracking authority to our Clients

Our client are given rights to track our ODM activities when or where they can using common dashboard.

SEO analytics


Number of Conditional keywords and their Positions, no. of new users, returning users, traffic over period and much more can be tracked real-time.

SMM analytics


As keeping our client’s user account as admin 2 in all preferred social media channels we work, all our ad campaigns, post campaigns can be tracked.

google ads

Google Ads

As we work on common Google Ads account, Client can easily track on the budget, keywords we mentioned, Audience we targeted and more.

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