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Social Media Branding Optimization

Businesses for people, People are in Social media, even in groups. So we connect business with people in social media. SIMPLE!

At KVN Promos, we define social media marketing as a right balance of media, content, insight and analytics to create measurable results from both participant “impressions” and “expressions.”

Social media branding is more than fan acquisition, more engagements or community metrics, it is about driving a comprehensive and data-driven social media marketing strategy to activation which helps to identify our target audience group and injecting our brand values over them.

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How we build brand  through social connecting?



a billion users, 
a billion marketing options

“Liking” your page is only the first step

With more than one billion monthly active users, Facebook is still arguably the best social media platform for marketers.



If Instagram is considered as food- #hashtags are major ingredient

Increase your brand identity and stay relevant to your customers by utilizing Instagram in your social media marketing strategy.

You may know what a hashtag is, but if you’re not using them to their full potential, you could be missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. Engage customers and track what’s being said about your brand by using KVN Promos’ marketing expertise.



Want to target Professionals from Specific Industry?

LinkedIn ads allow marketers to target specific people within a certain industry, from admin on up to the CEO.

The social media platform offers countless ways to target prospective customers based on information from their LinkedIn profiles. Let us build and manage your LinkedIn ads.

Ecommerce Optimization: Some of the Techniques we implement

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